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Your A-Game Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

What’s your favorite thing about being a mompreneur? 


I know it comes with a lot of challenges, but there’s a lot to be celebrated too!


In this episode, Clara Wang and I are discussing the becoming of a mompreneur and all that is expected of us moms. We’re talking about all the shifting and adjusting it takes, and then we are sharing and celebrating our successes. 


Clara Wang is a product and branding photographer of Clara Wang Photography. She’s spent over 12 years as a specialist in the hospitality industry, managing consistent excellence, product quality, and people skills. She strongly believes it’s the little things that create a flawless experience. Today, she weaves her love of photography, branding, and product styling together to deliver the highest-quality photos for her clients to use in all of their marketing efforts. 


Clara uses her visual storytelling expertise to help women business owners create a powerful connection with their customers— branded images that beautifully set their products apart from the crowd and build trust with their audience. When not shooting in her studio, you’ll find Clara savoring delicious foods in restaurants or her own kitchen, watching rom coms on Netflix with a glass of wine in hand, or traveling on another global excursion with her husband and 2 boys.


If you need a little help celebrating yourself as a mompreneur or you want to learn how Clara survived and thrived as a mompreneur through the pandemic, this episode is for you. 


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