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Your A-Game Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Are you projecting your own thoughts and feelings onto other people? 


In today's episode, I'm going to invite you to ignite your awareness around your conversations. 


What does that mean? 


We’re going to take a look at how you are possibly projecting thoughts, opinions, and experiences onto people before they have the opportunity to create their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. This is so important when it comes to the situations, interactions, connections, and collaborations we have as moms and as business owners. 


We all need the chance to make our own judgments based on our own experiences, but we can be so easily influenced by the judgments of others. That’s why I want to talk about how to know when you are projecting something onto someone else, and when they are projecting something onto you. 


Tune in to find out whether you are really thinking for yourself or not and what to do about it. 


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