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Your A-Game Podcast

May 20, 2024

Overcoming Mompreneur Guilt: Navigating Priorities with Self-Trust

In this episode of "Your A-Game Podcast," we jump into the often overwhelming world of mompreneurship. Host Susan Vernicek explores the common struggle among mompreneurs: the guilt of balancing family and business. Drawing from personal experience, Susan shares insights on overcoming this guilt and cultivating self-trust.

Main Discussion:

Mompreneurs face a unique challenge: balancing the demands of motherhood with those of entrepreneurship.

Guilt often arises when choosing between family and business responsibilities.

Susan emphasizes the importance of anchored self-trust in navigating these challenges.

The episode explores the power dynamics between guilt and self-trust, highlighting strategies for reclaiming control over one's choices.

Key Takeaways:

Mompreneurs commonly experience guilt when prioritizing family over the business and vice versa.

Anchored self-trust is essential for mitigating feelings of guilt and maintaining confidence in decision-making.

Embracing humor can be a powerful tool for reframing guilt and reducing its impact on daily choices.

In this enlightening episode, Susan offers valuable insights for mompreneurs struggling with guilt. By cultivating anchored self-trust and embracing guilt humor, listeners can navigate the challenges of balancing family and business with greater confidence and clarity.

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